the ethereal soul and our somatic wisdom

When I established the ethereal soul and our somatic wisdom back in 2003, I had a vision of helping clients, meeting them exactly where they were in their lives and in their somatic (body) experiences. My training in Tui Na, Craino-Sacral Therapy, traditional massage techniques, and later Reiki Healing, provided me with an incredible opportunity to work in a variety of scenarios; medical settings, public and private events, out in nature, volunteer settings with diverse populations and with private clients. Working one on one with clients in their homes and in my office over the years has been my greatest joy and has provided a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that I followed my calling all those years ago. 

Over the years of working with so many incredible individuals, different body types, in a variety of situations from health maintenance to injury recovery, and in so many healing environments, I came to witness some beautiful transformations. These life trajectory changes were the result of clients inner awareness that their body and their minds were deeply connected, often at the most subtle of energetic levels.

Through my own life experiences, my training as a professional bodyworker, my years working in the corporate industry, and my educational pursuits of art and somatic practices as resource tools for finding personal solutions, I have extended my work to now include Life Coaching. 

At the ethereal soul and our somatic wisdom, clients are encouraged to tap into their own innate wisdom; that of their body and personal creativity to move forward with solutions to life's challenges. There are also a variety of traditional tools that we use to examine thought patterns and inner operating systems that may be holding down the potential of moving toward those valued goals. 

If you are ready to do this work, that of using body based and creative practices in conjunction with traditional life coaching tools, to transform and redirect your life, reach out to me! Let's get started! I am very much looking forward to working with you ~


Offerings ~

**Coming soon ~ Life Coaching ***

Reiki ~ Through the use of symbols and healing energy, I provide distance or in-person sessions which transform pain and confusion. Reiki restores the body and spirit to balance, joy and health. 


CranioSacral Therapy ~ A technique that sources the natural health within the body to nourish areas of disharmony within our somatic vessel.


SiMA ~ Somatic inquiry through Movement and Art.


Tarot Readings ~ Using the Osho Zen Tarot deck, I provide readings using a three-card spread to represent past, present and future. 

No person exists apart from the living body in which they have their existence and through which they express themselves and relate to their world. "Mind, spirit and soul are aspects of every living body." (Bioenergetics, Alexander Lowen) 

The phoenix is destined to rise from the ashes, even if you don't want to ~ 

Carolyn Myss

July 9, 2016

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